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Announcing my debut novel! Available in September 2017!

Publishing a novel has been a dream of mine since reading Trixie Belden stories at age eight.  So hot-diggety, this feels good!

What's Come Back about? 
Vi Masters comes back to the hometown she fled ten years before - not because she wants to, but because she's worried about Sadie, more mother than aunt. Vi's father Ben and stepmother Tammy are worried too, and afraid Vi's visit will disrupt what each holds most dear.  And when she finds out that Nate Barlow moved back to town, Vi wonders if she can survive the unruly hope he inspires.     Four voices tell the story of Vi's three-day visit and how it changes each of their lives.

How long did it take to write?
Are we talking the first draft? That took about six years - in between jobs that paid taxes and put food on the table. And then it took another four or five years to edit, revise, and revise again. It's been a long birthing process! And now I'm (…

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